Follow our stories from our lives before we met, how we met through a dating site, overcoming the challenges of a relationship with somebody with a severe disability, planning our dream wedding, and a very emotional big day.



Nicky’s story:  My blog posts focus on meeting and falling in love with David, whilst learning to deal with the challenges that his spinal cord injury have for everyday living.  It also deals with how difficult I found it to adjust to having the need for care provision in our lives.  More recent blogs chart the excitement of getting engaged, and planning our wedding.  And about life in general, travel and all the fun we create along the way!  Read my blogs here.


David’s story:  A devastating accident changed my life – I suffered a high level spinal cord injury and have been paralysed since 1999.  This is my journey from hospital, to rehab, to finding sports and activities and my life has changed through my disability.  There were many challenges to face along the way.  A few years ago, I met Nicky.  In October 2016 we got married!  Read my blogs here.


Photographs from our wedding day, courtesy of Marcus Ward @ Bigeye photography







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